About Us

LaFond Medellín was created by Rob LaFond at the end of 2017. He started launching his first products January of 2018 selling in local coffee shops, hostels, and yoga studios in the neighborhood of Laureles in Medellín, Colombia.

Rob is originally from Worcester, MA in the United States and worked as producer, musician, and photographer in Los Angeles for 11 years. He has worked with renowned publications, celebrities, and tech agencies including The New York Times, Rolling Stone, SpaceX to name a few. His collaboration with Two Bit Circus and KCRW for Annenberg Foundation’s signature Sound in Focus concert series with NAS was featured on YouTube VR.  He also helped develop VR technology for KCRW and classic music session footage.

As well as being a photographer and designer, Rob has an indie career as a musician. His music has been featured on NPR, reviewed in many many music publications and he has played in venues in the United States, Europe, and South America. He has three albums on Spotify and iTunes and his working on his next EP in Colombia right now. You can view more about his music here.